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UP/DOWNLINK 2015, number 7 (29 july 2015)

UP/DOWNLINK is the newsletter from The Transponder, a satclub from the Netherlands. It's all in dutch but it's interesting stuff to read if you can! Content: 2 ( Channels ) news and More »

Ann: Dreambox DM820 HD

DM820HD provides real excitement in a small package The compact Dreambox range has been expanded with the powerful DM820HD. The Linux-based media centre comes equipped with state-of-the-art digital technology, providing seamless cooperation More »

Gigablue App for Android

IOS will follow soon! Source More »

AX Quadbox XBMC+E2

So, will this be the future? More »

New DM7080HD sets digital standards

The Dreambox DM7080HD sets new technical standards for the reception of digital TV and radio signals via satellite, cable, antenna and internet: Gigabit Ethernet, USB 3.0 as well as a 7.000 DMIPS dual core processor More »

The history of OpenPLi. Ten years have past.

The beginnings: About 10 years ago, the former chairman of the PLi association and the eponym of image, purchased a new satellite receiver which introduced a completely new concept: the Dreambox 7000. More »


AZbox Titan: WWW

When will Opensat/ HTCE Limited release the Titan? It seems it released in Brazil

Where will Opensat/ HTCE Limited release the Titan? Only Brazil seems to make youtube movies

and …

Who’s behind AZbox nowadays????  Opensat?   HTCE Limited?    洋子? Wich website?


Questions, questions, questions …. Did AZbox left Europe or not?




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