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The history of OpenPLi. Ten years have past.

The beginnings: About 10 years ago, the former chairman of the PLi association and the eponym of image, purchased a new satellite receiver which introduced a completely new concept: the Dreambox 7000. More »

NEW openATV 4.1

Thanks Tsakman for noticing.   After the long TEST openATV 4.0 comes next with 4.1 openATV Major updates in the build environment we provide with openATV 4.1 to the new 2.2 build More »

Dreambox 7080HD coming

Several sites and blogs are reporting news about the new coming Dreambox. It looks like its still in Alpha. Et view support: NEW Dreambox 7080 HD NEW – THE WAY TO GOLIATH More »

OpenSpa 3.0

OpenSpa 3.0 is released. This is the main changelog: - Opticum AX-ODIN (ODINM7) supported. - E3HD supported. - MKDigital XP1000 supported. - New MultiBoot (*Except Azbox). - New Skin Basic. - New More »

Public release , PE rc7.r175 for all mipsel and arm enigma2 STBs

Persian Prince released his PE rc7.175 for all mipsel an arm Enigma2 STBs (also AZbox). You can find it here: Megaupload Notes: ============================================================================================================== Persian Empire Enigma2 Images RC7 + Persian Grandeur Android 4 More »

All “official” related AZbox sites are down

After we reported about HTCE Limited, Persian Prince gave us a notice about the following sites; , (developers place) , , , went down so i think More »

D-Cube R2 (E2BMC Box) on European market

We only got the SELL!SELL!SELL! text:   The “D-CUBE HYBRID TWIN DVB-S2″ Set-top box is a new concept that combines XBMC and Enigma2. You use the power of Enigma2 for DVB area More »

v1.84 firmware for AzBox miniMe American edition

We were offline for a few weeks so sorry we missed this one last week. From Azbox Canada: We didn’t test on our EU receivers but we assume it will only work More »


AZbox Titan: WWW

When will Opensat/ HTCE Limited release the Titan? It seems it released in Brazil

Where will Opensat/ HTCE Limited release the Titan? Only Brazil seems to make youtube movies

and …

Who’s behind AZbox nowadays????  Opensat?   HTCE Limited?    洋子? Wich website?


Questions, questions, questions …. Did AZbox left Europe or not?




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